Custom Medical Records / File Folders

STS Filing Products, Inc. provides a complete line of Medical Records/File Folders. These keep your important documents organized and facilitate quick and easy access to all information. Custom Medical Records/File Folders are used extensively in hospitals, business offices, banks, insurance agencies and governmental agencies.

Below you will find a list of features that can be added to your Custom Medical Record/File Folder.

postbullets Paper Weights

11, 14, 15 and 18 Pt. Manila or 11 and 17 Pt. Kraft. Colored paper is available in 11 and 15 Pt.

postbullets Custom Printing

Can have a custom design with special imprints on the outside surface or all surfaces. Rough copy must be provided for typesetting.

postbullets Color Coding

Can be colored coded with one-piece strip labels to meet your file needs & to solve your file problems. The basic color coded systems are Alphabetical, Straight Numeric and terminal digit. We have the expertise to duplicate an existing color system, or we can provide our own exclusive color coding system. After labels are applied, heat-sealed mylar is placed over colorbands to reinforce side tabs and to protect bands from fading, fraying or getting dirty.

postbullets Pockets

Different style of pockets may be installed to meet your needs. Suggested styles of pockets are as follows: plastic (poly or vinyl), envelope-style, manila and kraft.

postbullets Fasteners

Fasteners may be installed in any of the 8 standard positions. Three different styles of fasteners are available: heat bonded (1″ or 2″ prong), embossed (1″ or 2″) and Docu-clips.

postbullets Reinforcing

May be ordered with reinforced top tab, reinforced side tab or reinforced top and side tab. Mylar or Tyvek can also be applied to further reinforce the spine.

postbullets Barcodes

Barcode labels may be applied to the front of folders for applicable situations. Code 39 or 3 of 9 is more common and can easily be provided to solve your needs.

postbullets Dividers

Self-adhesive dividers are available to provide added functionality to custom medical records. (11pt manila) Consult our Sales or Customer Service Representatives for additional information.