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Custom Medical Records / File Folders

STS Filing Products, Inc. provides a complete line of Medical Records/File Folders. These keep your important documents organized and facilitate quick and easy access to all information. Custom Medical Records/File Folders are used extensively in hospitals, business offices, banks, insurance agencies and governmental agencies.

Below you will find a list of features that can be added to your Custom Medical Record/File Folder.

  • Paper Weights
    11, 14, 15 and 18 Pt. Manila or 11 and 17 Pt. Kraft. Colored paper is available in 11 and 15 Pt.
  • Custom Printing
    Can have a custom design with special imprints on the outside surface or all surfaces. Rough copy must be provided for typesetting.
  • Color Coding
    Can be colored coded with one-piece strip labels to meet your file needs & to solve your file problems. The basic color-coded systems are Alphabetical, Straight Numeric, and terminal digit. We have the expertise to duplicate an existing color system, or we can provide our own exclusive color-coding system. After labels are applied, heat-sealed mylar is placed over colorbands to reinforce side tabs and to protect bands from fading, fraying, or getting dirty.
  • Pockets
    Different styles of pockets may be installed to meet your needs. Suggested styles of pockets are as follows: plastic (poly or vinyl), envelope-style, manila, and kraft.
  • Fasteners
    Fasteners may be installed in any of the 8 standard positions. Three different styles of fasteners are available: heat bonded (1″ or 2″ prong), embossed (1″ or 2″), and Docu-clips.
  • Reinforcing
    May be ordered with reinforced top tab, reinforced side tab or reinforced top and side tab. Mylar or Tyvek can also be applied to further reinforce the spine.
  • Barcodes
    Barcode labels may be applied to the front of folders for applicable situations. Code 39 or 3 of 9 is more common and can easily be provided to solve your needs.
  • Dividers

Self-adhesive dividers are available to provide added functionality to custom medical records. (11pt manila) Consult our Sales or Customer Service Representatives for additional information.

Star Filing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of STS Filing, specializing in 5 piece expanding pockets, IP folders, pressboard items, all fully customizable, with printing available.

Star Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of STS Filing, specializing in artist and school portfolios.